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Thread: Beatles Shea Stadium TMOQ Gazette HMC

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    Arrow Beatles Shea Stadium TMOQ Gazette HMC

    Beatles at Shea Stadium TMOQ Gazette HMC 30


    TMOQ-Shea Stadium.torrent


    TMOQ Gazette Shea.rar DVD/CD(3.79 GB)artwork & booklet included!HE9WUKqA!dy4FfA8xO...SJ2_oVcmJbnHic

    Besides Jimi Hendrix I also look for some Beatles upgrades...
    came across this (and others) while searching for the 'Eight Days A Week' info.
    about the Shea footage(which was only shown in a few select theaters)
    It's a nice upgrade if you have the darthdisc ABC 35mm Master Copy DVD.
    From what I've read the source for this is the BBC 35mm Master...
    the darthdisc was the US source and this is the UK source..
    --images are posted to show color improvement from the ABC film copy.

    other TMOQ Gazette HMC releases:
    The Japan one isn't bad doesn't have the Japanese subtitles at the bottom
    however their 'remastered 'Let It Be' is is cropped more on the bottom than any
    other version I've seen, tho' it has more top and left also appears to have been 'stretched' a bit.
    Here's an image showing the differences between the (now) 4 versions available.
    the newest TMOQ one is the lower left...others are titled.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Re: Beatles Shea Stadium TMOQ Gazette HMC

    New remasters of movies made for theater viewing, DVD, BLURays etc....are usually cropped
    in a way that they include wider picture and cropped pieces are top and bottom parts of the
    Why they are doing it? Because most movies until 1970s (many later as well) were
    filmed in 4:3 and modern movie-screens and TVs are in 16:9 format.
    So, you get digitized, cristal clear but cropped picture.
    I am not a movie expert but like to watch them and with some I am, you might say, "in love".
    When ABC showed the chronological version of the "Godfather I & II" (Godfather Saga 1901-1959")
    which was edited by Coppola himself, the picture was fantastic (still is) but after watching
    6-hour-edit of what used to be two my favorite movies I noticed that some scenes looked slightly different.
    At first I couldn't put my finger on it but after comparing the recording with the laser disc version (which
    was in 4:3 ratio) I noticed what I described above. New version was showing more in the left and right ends
    but top and bottom were heavily cropped.
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