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Thread: Alan Douglas on Jimi's songwriing

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    Alan Douglas on Jimi's songwriing

    One of the few times AD said anything I agree with, although I would have said 'many' rather than 'most', the bit about hits doesn't bear too much scrutiny and the last bitís a tad garbled:

    AD ďI think that one of the problems with people understanding Jimi Hendrix is that, heís so closely known to be a guitar player and a guitar player only, that they forget or ignore his composition qualities. He was a great composer and you donít make hit records without a good song. I donít care how good you play, or what else you do, if you donít have a good song you donít get a hit record. And if you listen to his recordings and look at the lyrics, I mean the kind of science fiction, playful lyrics that he had in his, look what the content of his songs is, i[tí]s very unique to most song writers. And, so, thatís one of the things that I think that most people donít quite understand about it. They love the songs and donít quite understand why they love the songs.Ē
    ďHe was very intelligent, of course, and consequently he was able to, you know, use metaphors and his own imagination to express himself. And, but itís in his songs, itís true aní-I said, there-there are some simple things like ĎPurple Hazeí and those kind of things, that the reason, popular [coughs] because they are simple. But in the same token, if you get into his more complicated-ah, not complicated in the reading, but in the, and thought patterns that comes from it, I mean.Ē
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