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Thread: JIMI HENDRIX Raw Blues

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    JIMI HENDRIX Raw Blues

    Raw Blues

    Tracks prepared and/or conisdered for the CD Blues in the best quality
    Thanks to Hans-Peter Johnsen

    Disc 1:
    1. Electric Church > Red House
    2. Born Under A Bad Sign
    3. Once I Had A Woman
    4. Easy Blues
    5. Mannish Boy
    6. Villanova Junction Jam - the longest available version of this jam
    7. Georgia Blues

    Disc 2:
    1. Jam 292 (aka. Jelly 292)
    2. Voodoo Chile Blues
    3. Strato Strut
    4. Country Blues > Astro Man
    5. Things I Used To Do
    6. Bleeding Heart
    7. Hear My Train A Comin'
    8. Belly Button Window
    9. It's Too Bad
    10. Villanova Junction Jam - the edited version

    All relevant informations on ATM series and Hendrix bootlegs, including detailed tracklists, on Hans-Peter Johnsen's In From The Storm site:

    Link removed due to it containing OFFICIALLY RELEASED MATERIAL.

    Also, the hpj link does not work. Anyone looking for this link can find it here .....
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    Re: JIMI HENDRIX Raw Blues

    ty this looks great.


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