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    Tuesday 28 January 1970
    New York City, Madison Square Gardens, New York, USA

    Nearly a month after their, two-night, live recording session at Fillmore East for Chalpin’s ‘Band Of Gypsys’ LP. The only time Jimi played on stage with Buddy after that session.
    The usual yellow underwear intro to Foxy Lady, but Jimi adds an unpleasant twist and doesn’t play the song.

    Concert - Winter Festival For Peace – at 03:00 (Wednesday) by Band Of Gypsys
    Officially filmed & recorded
    Tape: audience 20:00 VG, also video soundtrack
    Film: 16mm colour, whereabouts unknown, only a short clip of Who Knows is available, in rough quality and partly overdubbed with video & speech of a French commentator.
    With: Harry Belafonte, Peter Paul And Mary, Judy Collins, the cast of Hair, Richie Havens, The Voices Of East Harlem, The Rascals, Blood Sweat And Tears, Mother Earth, and Dave Brubeck.
    MC: Peter Yarrow [of ‘Peter, Paul & Mary’]
    Engineer: Bill Hanley [so he claims, his company did not provide PA for the Beatles’ 1965 Shea Stadium gig, as has been falsely claimed. One glance of the film shows they indeed used the - very rudimentary - stadium PA, and had no monitors]
    Promoter: Sid Bernstein (he also did the Beatles 1965 Shea Stadium show)
    Stage manager: Bill Graham
    Audience: 21,000, sold out
    Takings: $143,000 (at that time a record for a non sporting event at the venue)

    The concert was a benefit for the Vietnam Moratorium Committee arranged by Phil Friedman to help him make up a $50,000 deficit. The final profit for the Moratorium Committee was nearly $100,000.
    The audience has the usual rude, ignoramuses screaming throughout Jimi’s introduction “Sit down, sit down!” imagine that nowadays! NFW! Jimi got pissed off about something, crudely insulted a woman in the audience, and then blasted through heavily improvised versions of two songs, before uttering a cryptic comment – ‘That‘s what happens when Earth fucks with Space’ – before sitting down for a minute or so (apparently a “girl” joined him) and then leaving the stage.
    After the show, Mike Jeffery felt in neccessary to remind Buddy that the ‘gig’ was over.

    1. Who Knows (16), 2. Earth Blues (10)

    PY : I think I can safely say, “Friends,” after the length of time we’ve all been living
    Aud: [Man:] You, fuck off!
    PY : …This is certainly a moment that I’ve been waiting for and I’m sure all of you have -
    Mr Jimi Hendrix and his Band of Gypsys
    Aud: [Wild applause]
    JH : [Tuning]
    Aud: [Man:] Time we left!
    JH : Yeah, anybody want any flowers? [tuning]
    Aud: [Girl] Meee!
    JH : Peace and happiness and love and forever, from the bottom of our hearts. That’s all
    we can say right now. I’m gonna see if we can get some sounds together, once we
    get in toon, and so close off…
    Aud: [Girl/girls:] Can’t you all just sit down! etc.
    JH : …mh, you know, all the little worlds that might have happened yesterday, or today, or
    tomorrow. Let’s just make our own little world, right here. Let’s just fun and groove,
    you know. We have Billy Cox on the-uh…
    Aud: [Mass of shouting, applauding (at what?) & screaming interrupts Jimi again]
    JH : …on the bass guitar and then we have [tuning] the Buddy Miles on drums for sure,
    thank, thank God, and then we have, uh, Alfred E. Newman* on-uh page 17 [tuning]
    Aud: [Mass of shouting & screaming]
    JH : ‘Scuse me, give about a minute to-ah, like, just little bit o’ minor adjustments here
    and there, okay, thank you… Goes somethin’ like this ah, I think it’s in the key of
    [guitar ‘says’: ‘F’ ] ‘D’, or ‘A’, ‘G’, somethin’, I don’ know [tuning]
    Aud: [Girl:] Play Foxy Lady!
    JH : Foxy Lady’s sittin’ over there with the yellow underwear…
    Aud: [Start applauding]
    JH : …stained and dirty with blood
    Aud: [They quickly stop applauding] Get the fuck out!... He’s sick!…

    *Jimi was a fan of MAD comics, which featured Alfred E. Newman
    At Woodstock he introduced himself with his catch phrase: “What me worry?”

    WHO KNOWS (10) [with very different improvised lyrics from the original]

    Aud: Friends were up to that son of a bitch though

    I don’t know, baby
    Do you know, baby
    We don’t kno-ow
    When it’s war in cold blood
    Hold on, war’s breakin’ a-all over
    In your heart, baby
    In your mind
    In your heart, baby

    Well, now the war’s all over
    In your heart, baby
    In your land
    In your people
    Make ‘em sad

    [Solo, guitar ‘says’: ‘Jerk off’]

    I still love, baby
    Just like you
    But I got different things
    The same as you

    She brought magic honey, all in my bed
    She got chains, baby, attached to my head
    Do I live, baby, do I die
    Do I laugh, baby-ha-ha, or do I cry

    [Solo, guitar ‘says’ ‘What, are you going to do? We just couldn’t give a fuck. Go home]

    Clean up
    We kno-ow
    If I got lo-ove
    Then I guess I won’t feel bad
    They don’t ca-are
    That I don’t kno-ow
    You don’t know
    Like I know
    Like I kno-ow
    She didn’t ca-a-are
    She went away
    She didn’t ca-are
    She went away
    uh-They didn’t know
    uh-Nobody kno-ows
    Nobody ca-a-ares
    Nobody kno-ows
    They don’t know
    Oh, they don’t know

    Out, ou-out in the rain
    I’m out now
    Out now, out… etc.

    Jimi: They’re talkin’ already

    Out now


    Sometimes you get my soul, baby1
    Sometimes my ho-ope
    You got my own ba-by-heh-heh-yeah
    Hangin’ out your be-ed

    Do I live, baby, do I cry
    Do I live, baby-ha-ha, do I laugh or die

    [Off mic.: See If you can see what you’re doin’ and fix it]

    Doo-de-doo-doo etc…

    1This verse is basically from ‘Freedom’

    Aud: [Applause]: Purple Haze!... Fire!... Foxy Lady! etc.
    JH: [Tuning. Guitar ‘says’ ‘One, two, three, four, five, six, seven’.]

    EARTH BLUES1 (16)

    I see hands and tear stained faces2
    Reachin’ out but not quite touchin’ the promised la-and
    I taste tears and a whole lot of years wasted
    Please, Lord, give us a helpin’ ha-and
    (Love, love, love)
    Yeah, I think love is the only answer, baby
    (Love, love, love)
    I only found out toda-ay, baby
    (Love, love, love)
    It better come soon, baby
    (Love, love, love)
    Hear the sound of feedom’s beatin’ hearts
    See the cloud an’,
    Sirens clashing with black earth an’ stone
    You’d better love me, right now, like it’s the last time, baby
    Tellin’ to all this, the first boat

    Every sister
    Every brother
    Every lover
    Go see the li-ght
    Make everything all right
    Help me, baby

    Hear me some-uh, times the wind ain’t right3
    With my own two eyes sometimes, baby
    A Queen of ebony in chains
    They had to leave it on The Moon
    Sometimes live forever
    Maybe check it out
    As it was in the first footprint
    Born just for a day
    I said. “Why are you the last first-woman, baby”-yea-heh-heh
    Writing thrillers for money

    (Love, love, love)
    (Love, love, love)
    (Love, love, love)
    (Love, love, love)


    Aud: [Applause]

    That’s what happens, that‘s what happens when Earth fucks with Space*, never forget that, that’s what happens...

    1Jimi owned a Lightnin’ Hopkins LP with this title emblazoned in big capital letters across the front cover
    2This verse was lifted from his earlier song ‘Somewhere’
    3This verse is partly from an earlier studio version, partly ad-libbed
    *ie when Buddy fucks with Jimi. See Newport 69 - ‘Earth versus Space’ jam (ie ‘Buddy versus Jimi’ jam)

    [Jimi is tuning & noodling on his guitar as Buddy speaks]:

    Listen. It seems as though, that-uh, we’re not-ah, quite getting it together, but just-ah, give us a little bit more time, because it has been hard and-uh, things aren’t exactly, I guess they’re not exactly right, okay, yet. So just bear with us for a few minutes and we’ll try to see if we can do something together

    Aud: [Guys:] What’s that stupid chick doin’?.... He’s sittin’ under the chair. He’s sittin’ down
    in the corner [Gal:] I don’t understand it

    Listen, like I said we’re having trouble an’ I don’t know what is the matter but-ah, Jimi wants to take-um, wants to go down and so, like-eh, like I said, if you could bear with him, if you can understand where the whole thing is at, maybe we can try somethin’ later....

    [Jimi, it seems, left the stage at/or shortly before this point]
    Frank Zappa: "Rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read."

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