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    1969-01-11 Hamburg 2nd show

    Jimi Hendrix Experience

    Musikhalle, Hamburg 1969-01-11 2nd show
    lineage: master > wav > flac

    1st part (1-4) heavily eqd
    taped by Wilfried Lilie

    This concert was taped by W. Lilie, who hid the microphone under his coat for the first 4 songs, as he was afraid someone would find out he was taping. Thank God he did not give a shit anymore after that, as we now have a very nice sounding recording for the remaining tracks. The last known live version of Driving South...1969...ultra rare! All thanks have to go to Wilfried for sharing his tape with us! Transferred by Doc Tinker and Olvator in 2010. Thanks for your help, Doc!
    The first 4 tracks were heavily equalized for better listening purposes, no noise reduction was applied. The remaining tracks have been left untouched.

    Hamburg Jan 11th 1969 was a good day for the Experience. Both shows included musical highlights, sadly the recording known for the first show sounds very bad. I was more than happy to find out about this recording of the 2nd show in late 2009. The band is in good spirits, as you are about to hear for yourself. Enjoy, pass it on, never sell it and dont convert it to mp3. And never forget to thank Wilfried, without whom none of this would have been possible!

    01. Spanish Castle Magic
    02. Hear My Train
    03. I Don`t Live Today
    04. Red House
    05. Sunshine Of Your Love
    06. Driving South
    07. Foxy Lady
    08. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

    total time: 67:08

    brought to you by olvator 06/2013

    art included
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