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Thread: Band of Gypsys 1969-12-31 1st Show [funkydrummer cleanup] Minus Official

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    Band of Gypsys 1969-12-31 1st Show [funkydrummer cleanup] Minus Official

    Band of Gypsys 1969-12-31 1st Show [funkydrummer cleanup]
    Fillmore East, New York City, New York, USA
    Wednesday 31 December 1969 first show
    Composite of audience & soundboard sources, with official material removed.
    Lineage - Bob Terry Tape [FLAC torrent] > Adobe Audition, NR, EQ, Compression > FLAC +
    "Box Of Gypsys" (raw sources) ATM-0075-83 [FLAC] > Adobe Audition, NR, EQ, Compression, Stereo "Effect" > FLAC
    Explained below:

    1 Intro (aud) - Source "Box Of Gypsys" (raw sources) ATM-0075-83
    2 Power of soul (sbd) - Bob Terry Tape
    3 Lover man (sbd) - Bob Terry Tape
    4 Getting my heart back together (sbd) - REMOVED - Drop in LATFE Track here
    5 Changes (sbd) - REMOVED - Drop in LATFE Track here
    6 Izabella (sbd) - REMOVED - Drop in LATFE Track here
    7 Machine gun (aud) 1st show 1st gen AUD (hpjohnse torrent)
    8 Stop (aud) 1st show 1st gen AUD (hpjohnse torrent)
    9 Ezy ryder (aud) 1st show 1st gen AUD (hpjohnse torrent)
    10 Bleeding heart (aud) 1st show 1st gen AUD (hpjohnse torrent)
    11 Earth blues (aud) 1st show 1st gen AUD (hpjohnse torrent)
    12 Burning desire (aud) 1st show 1st gen AUD (hpjohnse torrent)
    13 BONUS Power of soul MERGE (sbd + aud) - Bob Terry Tape + 1st show 1st gen AUD (hpjohnse torrent)

    Notes: One of my favourite Hendrix shows, and generally a flawless performance throughout, it is a shame that we haven't got the SBD of the second half of the show! Given the fact that EH released the middle section on LATFE and the SBD of the beginning is available as well, whether this means that the SBD reels of the second half are available is something I have always wondered...
    Anyway, I have removed the officially released tracks, and on this torrent version I have tried to edit it so that the LATFE tracks can be dropped in to complete the show - well not quite - as the EH version adds some applause for transition purposes, and Izabella/Machine Gun is a medley which LATFE fades out - but it is close.
    I had circulated an earlier version (which used the processed Box of Gypsys), but I decided to start all over again with the raw tapes. So not the version recently circulated. Some points...
    Power of Soul SBD suffers most from "low vocal", and this seems to be a PA problem as the vocals are not much better on the AUD tape...seems like they were adjusting sound as PoS is quickly brought down in the mix after Jimi's opening notes blares through PA and distorts on tape. Not sure though - we'll only know when we get the official day...
    Of course I tried a merge (as that part of show has SBD and AUD) but I decided to go with the SBD - hybrid included as BONUS instead
    Purists may not dig the fact that I created mock stereo effect on the AUD sections and the reason why is to try and give the whole thing a uniformity...especially as it jumps from SBD of LATFE to mono AUD...I tried to make it sound as close to SBD as possible. If you compare to current aud versions well I think it is the best it could be made sound under the circumstances...
    We hope that the complete show has changed hands from PA to EH, because if there is a "best" BoG show - this is it. I also love the fact that they concentrated on the new material in this show, and it is almost like a live version of the album the BoG never made.

    SORRY!!! I accidently left out 12 - Burning Desire!!!
    A wonderful end to a killer show - I am terribly sorry...
    Here is the link (as with previous posts make sure you wait for timer then "continue as free user" to be taken to the link)
    This was supposed to be in with the original torrent...
    My upload speed is really restricted, so this is my best way to distribute for now...
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